The Stories

Pomegranate Seeds

Status:  seeking representation

In this modern day take on the Persephone myth, a young woman is seduced by a man she loved and thought she could trust.  Pregnant and alone, she must choose whether to take the easy way out and end the pregnancy or whether to keep the baby and give the father, who claims he never knew she didn’t want to sleep with him, a second chance.

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Under Ground

Status:  work in progress

Bronwyn Llangmere runs a safe house on the Railroad, a network of conductors and sympathizers who make it possible for fugitives to leave the remnants of what used to be the United States.   When the Railroad fails to come in and the conductor turns up dead, Bronwyn is left with the passengers, who turn out to be two children.  The only way they will make it safely out of the country is if Bronwyn conducts them up North herself, but in so doing she runs the risk that the past she has avoided for so long will finally catch up to her.


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