The thing I love about February – more than the fact that days are growing a little longer, and the air seems a little warmer, and Spring seems to be just around the corner – is that it’s Letter Month.*

I had a splendid time with this last year, reconnecting with all sorts of people I’d fallen out of touch with (or wasn’t as in touch with as I wanted to be).  Including the friend I’d written all those magical letters to one summer.

So, even though I’ve got work and writing and life things pulling me in about five different directions right now, I’m going to do this.  I bought really cute note cards (you’re going to love them) and fairly cute stamps (I was bummed the Poets set was sold out).  

Here’s the interactive part.  If you want a letter, email me, or connect with me on Twitter @bekkiwrites, or, if you want to be really mysterious and anonymous, put your address into my Postable address book.

And if you want to drop me a line or two, that would be most delightful.


* Yes, that link is a year old.  Rest assured, though, #lettermo is alive and well on the Twitter.