Things accomplished during my vacation (in no particular order):

  • finished the latest rewrite of my novel, drafted a query letter, and began searching for potential agents
  • drafted 2/3 of the plot for my next novel
  • Green nail polishpainted my toenails light green, in honor of springtime
  • cleaned the bathroom
  • managed to feed myself for an entire week without resorting to take-out
  • gave a lecture at NYU to a group of law students working with Iraqi refugees
  • resumed working on a short story that I began over the summer but never finished
  • began the process of finding a writer’s group
  • did yoga, several times in class and once on my own
  • stayed up late to finish a book
  • embarrassed my husband by sending him flowers at work, which were delivered live on CNN

Which is to say, it was a pretty kick-ass vacation.