For the third time in almost five years, I’m cooking dinner for A tonight.  Valentine’s dinner, no less.  Usually, I’m a firm believer in sticking to what I know.  In my case, that’s baking.  Cookies, cupcakes, wedding cakes – if it involves a mixer and an oven, I can do it.  Cooking, on the other hand, is not my forte.  And really, why bother when I live with a professional.

Valentine’s Day, that’s why.  See, there are certain holidays which, in the restaurant world, are referred to as “amateurs’ nights”.  New Years is a big one, and Mother’s Day as well (brunch in that case).  Likewise Valentine’s.  In the normal course of things, A and I would have made reservations at a cute little restaurant yesterday or tonight, then happily celebrated the actual holiday from the comfort of our couch.

Superbowl sliders and champagne

The past few days having been decidedly not normal (due mostly to a family member being ill) and A having to work later tonight than we thought, we missed our chance to do the nice Valentine’s dinner a few days early.

I put the odds at us taking a few bites of dinner and then ordering takeout at 50/50.