It’s been awhile.  In part that’s because I’ve been working crazy hours and spending most of the time I’m not at work trying to finish the novel.  (A post on that to follow, some time next week.  I promise).  In part, it’s because I’ve been making some much needed decisions on where to go with this.

Those of you who’ve been with me since the MySpace days remember what it used to be like, when I blogged about the crazy people I worked with and the boys I met and everything else that happens once you go down the rabbit hole into Florida.  MySpace got old.  I moved onto blogger and into Waitress in Paradise, where I wrote about the crazy people I worked with and the boys who broke my heart and everything else that California promised but didn’t deliver.

Then I went to law school.  Where I quickly figured out that personality was viewed as a negative and indiscretions, no matter how minor, could keep you from being admitted to the bar and therefore render that $150,000 you’d paid in tuition worthless.  So I took down Waitress and started a silly blog about law school that I didn’t bother to update very frequently because, let’s face it, not much happens in law school worth blogging about.

The idea behind MfB was that as the husband and I went out and explored New York and found strange and wonderful places, I would write about them.  A year in, I’m not finding much to write about.  There was the Night Market last year, and a few hours spent in the bowels of the Gramercy Hotel last week (forthcoming post on that, too), but not much between them.  The truth is, most of New York is disappointingly mediocre.  The food, the restaurants, the shows.  I’ve yet to find much magic here, and certainly nothing worth writing about.  Add to that the audience factor, that it’s hard to know if people are reading this or liking it without any kind of comments, and the incentive to put up posts melts away.

Except that one of my favorite people told me, in passing, that he was glad I was blogging again back in October when I put a few posts up.

So.  Expect to see more here in the future.  I’m still not sure what form it’s going to take, but this I do know.  I’m tired of hiding.  I’m tired of the person law school forced me to be.  It’s time I earned those wings.