I have a great talent for knocking things over.  Most often my mug of tea at work.  I put it within reach of where I’m working and then lean over to grab the phone or pick up a stack of cases and next thing I know I’m running to the pantry for paper towels and laying my mouse pad across the air vents to dry out.

Tonight it was the glass of water by the bed.  I do this often enough that I try to use a plastic glass.  Less chance of breakage.  And I usually try not to full it very full either.  Less to clean up when I reach over and spill at 3 am.  Tonight, of course, it was an almost full pint glass, so I ended up having to take the fabric off the speaker I use as an end table and sop the water off.

Husband came in and asked if I wanted a new glass.  I told him no, I’d probably spill it.  He came back with bottled water, set it on the denuded speaker, and said, “I brought you one with a lid.”